Guest post: Flying high with great beauty and vision with New Zealand’s leading nature photographer

March 25th, 2010 § 5

Please welcome our guest blogger Aliscia Young, who had a chance to join Rob on a helicopter photo shoot over the Marlborough Sounds.  Aliscia is a very talented New Zealand documentary photographer specialising in nature and fashion photography, and has a BDes Hons 2008 from Massey University.  Rob was interviewed by Aliscia during her study and has watched her work develop.  There was an opportunity for Aliscia to join Rob on a commerical aerial film shoot for Tourism New Zealand.   Here are Aliscia’s thoughts… 

Check out some of her work below. She has exhibited at 5 Stories High Gallery, Wellington and if you’d like to see more of Aliscia’s work or get in touch, please email: Thanks for the kind words Aliscia!

Aliscia Young Helicopter shoot

The other day Rob invited me to join him to photograph from a helicopter around the top of the South Island. The night before we set out Rob said, “forgot to ask if you’re okay with flying. Doors will be off and it’ll be up and down and all over the place…good fun.” Thank goodness I don’t experience flying sickness, I thought to myself…

As an emerging professional photographer with a strong interest in the environment, nature and fashion photography, my nature studies are usually shot with a macro lens or at a tight close up scale.
By photographing in this way, I aim to reveal the intricate detail, beauty, texture, and colour of subject matter as a valued commodity.

The opportunity to join Rob on his expedition offered me new views and the experience to photograph from above, far and wide. As a creative being I am enthusiastic that we all have the
opportunity to see and interpret what is around us, to each express our individual relationship with something truly magnificent, in our own way.  Watching Rob professionally photograph with
panoramic scale and his own integrity was inspiring.

I found myself visually taking in the grandeur of the landscape, photographing from a zoom lens on spectacular sights.  Searching for pockets of magic, immense beauty, colour and texture, in the totality that is offered by such a magnificent spread of nature, land and sea from above.

Stepping off the helicopter at the end of the day gives you greater perspective of where we live. There is a certain amount of detachment that you feel from your usual daily routine activities.  It gives you greater insight in to the earth that we live upon.  From above it looks a far more delicate and limited resource that we cannot take for granted.  It is a reminder of the appreciation and understanding that we need for New Zealand’s natural environment.

Thank you Rob, for the experience of a new way of seeing from above, the learning, and the sharing of your teachings.

Aliscia Young Porftolio

Aliscia Young portfolio

Rob’s comment:  “Thanks Aliscia.  Nice work, I really like what you achieved, and it was great that you were able to assist.  You had some great insights afterwards and it’s great that you’ve been keen to share this post. It’s also nice for me to share a fresh view through new eyes from a different perspective.

I remember my first forays into aerial photography – it’s a totally foreign perspective, and a very noisy, expensive, and pressured environment.  I think we always muck the first few attempts up, so hopefully you were able to get that first aerial experience under your belt in a better way than on a client’s time!” Thought you’d be keen to see one of my shots:Marlborough Sounds Tourism NZ by Rob Suisted

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§ 5 Responses to “Guest post: Flying high with great beauty and vision with New Zealand’s leading nature photographer”

  • kurt says:

    Stunning images!

  • Wendy says:

    Wonderful opportunity and great images Aliscia :) Rob, if you ever have space for another aspiring photographer I would be more then happy to assist :)

  • Rob says:

    Hi Wendy. Thanks. I think I’ll need a bigger helicopter for all the bags I’ll be taking for all keen assistants to carry ;->
    I’d like to get more people involved with opportunities like this if they arise, so stay tuned.

  • Rob says:

    Hi Kurt. Thanks Mate. You’ve made some nice images yourself. Cheers, Rob

  • Elizabeth says:

    Shooting from helicopters… it’s cool fun, eh! The last time I did it I was scared I was going to slip off the slippery seat and out the hole where the door used to be when the pilot banked the helicopter on that side! LOL. I’ve been up a few times shooting aerials and once going up Mt Te Kinga for a portrait shoot. I think I got addicted to flying in helicopters, absolutely loved it.

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