Molesworth Muster video finished. Behind the scenes photo assignment

June 14th, 2012 § 15

Filming the Molesworth Station Book video. A blog post explaining the adventure is here. Have a read, then watch this (Caution: it contains hard work, adventure, some skinny dipping, some excitement, a lost dog that gets found in the end, and a great watch):

Molesworth Station Muster team on Robinson Saddle

Molesworth Station Muster team on Robinson Saddle

Here’s a look at the cover of the ‘Molesworth, Stories from New Zealand’s Largest High-Country Station’ book the muster photos are in:

Molesworth Station Book cover

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§ 15 Responses to “Molesworth Muster video finished. Behind the scenes photo assignment”

  • Helen Nolan says:

    This is awesome video Rob!! Have been on the calf marking muster with my 4 sisters in 1990 and it was very cool…we kept a diary on our trip and often reminisce about our trip. Thanx for sharing this – Cheers

  • Rob says:

    Hi Helen. Thanks for sharing that. I did a day calf marking earlier this year so have a small idea of your great adventure. I’m also sure you and your 4 sisters would have been a wonderful addition and distraction to the stockmen during their year on the station too! You might be interested to know that I took portraits of Anne and Don Reid recently in Te Anau – who would have been there on your visit? Regards, Rob

  • cory hollister says:

    Hey Rob,
    That has come together really good.Was good to watch.

  • Rob says:

    Hi Cory. I’m pleased you like it. Hope it’s a good fair record of the work you guys get up to. Not sure how to let the other guys know about it? Can you tell them?
    Thanks again for a bloody good adventure.

  • Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway – John Wayne

  • Rob says:

    Something in that…

  • Russell Scott says:

    I only wish i was there ,great country ..Thanks for the sharing..

  • Rob says:

    Thanks mate. Please you enjoyed it. Rob

  • ben says:

    thanks for the great read an watch,
    looks like a great trip
    cheers for sharing

  • Peter Young says:

    Hey Rob – just caught up with all this now – beautiful images, great adventure – look forward to the book and seeing these places and stories find the light of day. Goodonya mate!

  • sally peter says:

    keep coming back to this wonderful book full of memories for me. I worked for Ann and Don in 1979 -80, no milking machine then. best time ever. go back as much as poss. Just horse trekked through with husband and mates Lake McRae to Carters Saddle. even found some stragglers in the Tweed. Remember taking the cows over the Robinson, my fingers were so frozen I could hardly undo the girth strap. that country does something to you, cant wait to go back again. thankyou for the great video and photos you bought it to life.

  • Rob says:

    Hi Sally. Thank you for the nice words. It’s clearly under our skins. If I’m right, people have been saying I need to come visit you at your wonderful location one day? I’d love too. Regards, Rob

  • [...] that I worked alongside were great company and willing helpers to make things work – especially helping to coax a greenhorn horse rider into a horse rider of sorts – thank you. Robbie Burton worked passionately to make Molesworth a title to be proud of.  Thank [...]

  • jane vile says:

    that was bloody marvelous, thankyou. I came here by way of investigating why we have blue meanies of our new $50.What a great adventure for me sitting in the comfort of my couch by the fire, on Waiheke Island.

  • Rob says:

    Ha, that’s great to hear, and thanks for taking the time to comment. Does it get cold enough on Waiheke to have fires BTW? :-> Regards, Rob

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