Make love, sorry PHOTOS, not WAR

November 5th, 2009 § 2

Check this out. Latest specialist camera build for an interesting job I have coming up. Want one?

Comments so far: “Robo-Rob, That kicks arse”¬† | ¬†“You’re like James Bond!”¬† | ¬†“Psssst – ¬†The lens cap is on. ¬†:-)”.¬† Please leave your own…

UPDATED: Here’s the first successful deployment for NZ Geographic Magazine issue 101, due mid December 2009. I used this on a feature article on the very rare NZ Fairy Terns. The birds (2 of only 40 alive) nest out in the open. TankCam allowed me to very slowly get the camera close-ish to the nest and leave it there to minimse distruption to the nesting birds.¬† Video includes video above.

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