Wow, an unexpected nice thing happened today

October 19th, 2009 § 2

Wow, we just had this comment emailed to the office today that made our day.  We asked Glenn if we could share it with you via our blog and he has kindly agreed.  So thanks Glenn. I’m proud to have had such an impact, and very grateful for the kindness of your comments, and the time you took to let us know.  Thanks and best regards, Rob


Hi, my name is Glenn Cox and I am an Australian teaching in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I just want to say your work is an inspiration to me. I lived for a time (5 years from 1988 to 1993) in NZ and am seriously thinking of returning to NZ to live with my Indonesian family at the conclusion of my time teaching here in Indonesia. Your photos are a blessing and joy to behold and give me a huge lift when I am feeling down. I often just leave one of the panoramas open on my computer screen while I work at my desk.

I have never seen photos of the grandeur of your photos. They are absolutely beautiful, and make me long for the day when I can return to your country…to live. I am especially enamoured with the landscape scenes, whether rolling hills and pastures of the Waikato, or the wide open spaces of Canterbury, or the unique and diverse ocean and coastal scenes of both islands, or the furrowed mountains and valleys of the South Island. Even the photos of the cities have their own unique aura. They are sublime.

With so many photos on your website I am sure I will never get tired of looking at them. To be honest with you, they are the next best thing to being there.

So a sincere and heart-felt thank you to you (and God) for just making me happy to be alive and be able to behold such wonderful scenes.

Glenn Cox

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