Wonderful Whitebait

August 12th, 2009 § 0

With Whitebait season due to start in New Zealand on the 15th August, we thought we would share some of the wonderful photos in the collection that highlight the beauty of this popular local delicacy…..

The term Whitebait does not refer to a single species, but the juvenille form of five native NZ fish species :

  • īnanga (Galaxias maculatus)
  • kōaro (Galaxias brevipinnis)
  • banded kōkopu (Galaxias fasciatus)
  • giant kōkopu (Galaxias argenteus)
  • shortjaw kōkopu (Galaxias postvectis)
  • Short Jawed Kopoko

    Short Jawed Kopoko

    Rob has taken a series of fantastic macro  photos of these special little critters which reveal their rainbow colours and delicate patterns…..

    Head & eye of translucent whitebait

    Head & eye of translucent whitebait

    Line up of whitebait

    Line up of whitebait


    Many ‘baiters’ will be heading out with their nets this weekend and many of us will be looking forward to that first taste of freshly caught whitebait made into a simple fritter and wrapped up in fresh white bread…..

    'Baiters' at the mouth of the Mataura River

    For those not in the know, here’s how to make a Whitebait fritters or patties….

    Take a couple of fresh free range eggs and mix with 2 tablespoons of flour, one teaspoon of baking powder & a pinch of salt.  Mix in your whitebait. 

    Fresh eggs with whitebait

    Place spoonfuls in hot melted butter or oil in a frypan, and cook each side until golden.  Serve between two slices of fresh soft white bread.

    Whitebait fritters!!

    Whitebait fritters!!

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