NZ National Fieldays – the Big Pictures

May 27th, 2016 § 0

NZ National Fieldays is the largest annual farming and agricultural trade show in New Zealand, and maybe the Southern Hemisphere.

Every year at Mystery Creek, Waikato, hosts over 1000 exhibitors and around 120,000 pairs of boots over a 4 day event (and presumably, the occasional dedicated pair of heels).

It has a rich history and tradition for over 45 years now ( ), and prizes are awarded to the best exhibitions.  We have a strong connection supplying large high quality image files to exhibitors.

Word is getting around that we have a great selection of rural photography, especially since the release of Rob’s 17th book ,the official 50th Anniversary of Country Calendar and the award winning Molesworth Station book, and that we carry a huge collection of panorama files for murals.

Westpac Bank lined their marquee with 3 massive panoramas that were stitched together beautifully, totaling 41 metres of murals:

Fieldays 41m mural by Rob Suisted

We worked with some notable stands in 2016, including a 25m x 2.4 metre single image for Husqvarna (a 6Gb image file!)… made of 12 medium format dslr frames for maximum quality. The one image wrapped completely around the site and was designed for carefully laid out areas relating to the full range of Husqvarna products (garage, house lawn, hedge, forest):

25m long mural shot for Husqvarna, by Rob Suisted

We know how important it is to get both quantity and quality right when dealing with such massive murals, and we’re able to professionally stitching imagery together if necessary to achieve large length to height ratios for best output quality at close viewing distances.Mural by Rob Suisted,, for National Fieldays, Mystery Creek

One of our regular clients, Silver Fern Marquees, won 2 best site awards in 2015. We supply murals for their sites, and we were told regarding one of our 30 metre murals (in true rural fashion) , “can’t beat you guys for quality large images, they’re so clear I could even see dags on the sheeps’ arses”!  These guys are into quality.

The next National Fieldays is in June 2017, and we’re looking forward to seeing what new super mural challenges will come our way.

Some of our past clients include: Husqvarna, Westpac banking, Swazi Apparel, Isuzu, Hyundai, Honda.  Contact us if we can be of assistance with genuine NZ imagery with a rural flavour.  Check out feedback we’re recieved from some of our mural clients.

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