New Zealand calendar season starting already

July 26th, 2010 § 3

It’s that time already – calendars for 2011 are starting to appear in shops. It seems earlier and earlier each year.

Every year we work with many publishers, designers, companies and printers to create a large range of quality calendars.  Retail calendar have just started hitting shops, and samples are arriving (it seems to get early each year).  Here are a few just in, with one that we particularly like below:

2011 calendars by Rob Suisted, a selection so far

2011 calendars by Rob Suisted, a selection so far

We particularly like the NZ Panorama title.  It was developed with John Sands based on the large collection of quality New Zealand panorama stock photos that Rob has created over the last few years. It’s a large calendar, and with metallic embossing on the front it looks great.
 2011 New Zealand Panorama calendar by Rob Suisted Have a closer look. These should be appearing in stores mid August.  2011 New Zealand Panorama calendar back by Rob Suisted

For your info, we have a massive collection of images perfect for NZ calendar production.  The calendars above are publically available in stores, but we also create numerous specific in house  titles directly with companies, such as banks, insurance companies, supermarkets, consultancies etc.  Please contact us if you have a calendar project in mind; they are a great full year promotional tool.

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§ 3 Responses to “New Zealand calendar season starting already”

  • Brendon says:

    The panorama calendar does look interesting but I’d much prefer a proper wide format calendar rather than having two images stacked on each page. When I lived in the UK our annual trip to the Destinations Travel Show was partly so we could pick up a free Colin Prior panoramic calendar that one stand seemed to give away every year.

    There are so many calendars out these days, coupled with the variety of online places where anyone can make calendars from their own photos, that the choice is almost overwhelming. The last few years I’ve made calenders for family using online print shops, I like being able to have all the relevant dates printed so I don’t have to remember birthdays etc.

    A bespoke calendar service would be nice – printed to order with custom entries (though obviously more expensive than bulk printed generic calenders). Ever thought of doing a digital version (i.e. wallpapers with calendar entries) and charging a subscription fee to get a new one each month?

  • Janette says:

    Awesome to see this in print – Look forward to seeing it in the shops. Not sure about the double images, I think these images are so spectacular, they should perhaps stand alone.

  • Rob says:

    Thanks Brendon
    Yes, I’d have to agree with a single image focus being preferred, but as you probably know, the format is very hard to design into the standard paper size. It’s had good feedback so far, so will be interesting to see how it sells.

    As for a bespoke calendar service, I hadn’t heard about this before so might look into it. The size of our market here is so small so it might be hard to make a success of it?
    Cheers, Rob

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