Kitchen Splashbacks FTW

March 7th, 2022 § 0 comments, Add the 1st

We do a lot of kitchen splashbacks, because we’re one of the few NZ image providers that specifically shoot massive panorama type files for high quality large images that can handle close viewing distances like kitchens. Here are a few that customers have shared with us -we love see final use images like these shared. Drop us a line if you need a quote, and we can also often help recommend high quality glass printers and installers.

Splashbacks – adding nature to our homes

December 8th, 2017 § 0 comments, Add the 1st

Sharing a few recent client photos of installed glass splashbacks in kitchens and bathrooms that we commonly do.

We especially love the NZ kelp seaweed cell structure image used in a shower splashback (bottom left). Click on image for a closer look:collage_w

And currently we’re working on a very large 5 metre wide kitchen splash back that we think is a stunning use of graphics. Can’t wait to see final images of the install. A link to the image is here:
Thermaseal_w It’s a massive file, over 190 megapixels, being a join of 5 medium format digital camera files, so will easily go the nearly 5 metre span at a close viewing distance (a critical factor with kitchen splashbacks). Click on image above for a closer look.

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