Recent commissioned work – BRANZ Annual Report 2022

August 19th, 2022 § 0 comments, Add the 1st

A science background made shooting the BRANZ Annual Review an interesting undertaking.  Meeting and capturing the work of many of our top building and materials scientists dealing with applied real world issues in the building industry was fascinating, and working alongside an experienced and capable team of in house designers, writers and publishers was satisfying.  The final report we crafted has just been released here.

BRANZ Annual Review 2022, photographed by Rob Suistedw_2022_w


Below are a few example pages and a brief explanation of the design and photographic themes involved… > > > Continue reading : full post + comments > > >

Recent murals and splashbacks

August 16th, 2022 § 0 comments, Add the 1st

We specialise in large image files for superior mural reproduction quality, especially in close viewing distance murals.  Here are some recent examples clients have shared with us:


Hospital waiting room mural for calming influence. Awhitu Peninsula. Image ID: 53147


Kitchen Splashback forest

Spectacular glass splashback (printed by Thermaseal, Chch). Image ID: 62829


Kitchen splashback, Otago, New Zealand

Kitchen splashback. Otago, New Zealand. Image ID: 63425


Laundry glass splashback. Tongariro National Park. Image ID: 37304

Laundry glass splashback. Tongariro National Park. Image ID: 37304

3rd photo committed to skin tattoo forever

August 1st, 2022 § 0 comments, Add the 1st

We licensed our third photo for tattoo use recently, and our client shared the result, committing the photo to skin forever.

NZ Falcon image by Rob Suisted created as a tattoo

Original file is here, and the other tattoo photos are here.

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