Imacon Scanner and Firewire card hassles with Windows 10 upgrade: solved

August 29th, 2015 § 2

Imacon Scanners, Firewire PCI card and Windows 10 upgrade – what a hassle!

Just built a fast PC tailored for Lightroom and photoshop work, loaded with good things like Samsung 950 and Intel NVMe drives.  BUT, came to install a firewire card to run my Imacon Scanner and Flexcolor software – and it won’t work.

After hours of searching for solutions and switching cards, I discovered the solution to getting Imacon scanners (343, 646, 848 etc)  to work with Windows 10 (Win 10):

1) Install your PCI firewire 1394 card. Some suggest that some have had better luck with Texas Instruments chipset, but my old vanilla flavour card did fine….

2) You CAN’T use the drivers in Win 10 (or Win 7 or Win 8 for that matter), and that’s the problem. Go here and download the Firewire 1394 LEGACY Drivers from Microsoft and install as per the instructions.

*NOTE: Windows 10 has a over zealous signed driver regime.  If you can’t install a driver then you may need to implement this: Hold the shift key while clicking on Restart, Select Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings > Restart.  After Restart select option 7.

3) There seems to be some problem with the driver slipping back to the newer one supplied in the Win 10 install – so MAKE SURE the driver says ‘(Legacy)’ in the driver properties name.

4) Plug in the firewire cable to the PCI card and fire up your Imacon / Flextight scanner.

5) Now, go to Device Manager and find then new Imacon Scanner hardware.  Mine was showing, but with a yellow alert, and the properties saying there was no driver. It’s important to sort out the driver by going – Update Driver Software > Browse my computer for Driver software > Let me pick from a list > Imaging devices, and you should see a set of drivers for Imacon scanners – pick your and you should be good.

6) Start Flexcolor and your scanner should be found.

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§ 2 Responses to “Imacon Scanner and Firewire card hassles with Windows 10 upgrade: solved”

  • Tiago says:

    First of all thank you for the explanation.
    I updade my Firewire drive to 1394 LEGACY, and everythings fine. but now when I’m going to locate the driver set for Imacon scanners, on Update driver software/Imaging Device, I can’t find any driver device for imacon, or even the hasselblad brand.
    Can you please give some help?

  • Rob says:

    Sorry, but that’s a bit beyond me. Hope you managed to sort it out?

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