My NEW BOOK. A sneak peek at the cover…

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Well, printing is finished and we’re counting down until bookshop release date 9th November 2009. I couldn’t find a good reason not to share the cover with you. So here it is:Majestic New Zealand Book by Rob Suisted

Update: Internal pages added to view below.

I’m really proud of this book – my seventh to date.  This one is key – it’s my heartfelt work and showcases favourite places and images. Click for a large view. I’ll give you a sneek at some pages shortly if you want.

I have a hope, and tiny suspicion, that it’s going to make a few Kiwis teary eyed. Actually this arrived 2 minutes ago from Kara of Herkimer Coffee in Seattle when I showed her last week:

“Thanks so much for sharing your book with me.  Ian and I were taking a look.  This is a must, your pics are ah-mazing!  We were about in tears, oh the beauty!..”

I’d love to hear your reaction if you’d care to leave a comment below… Thanks, Rob

Update 22 Jan 2010: We now have signed copies available for supporters. If you’d like to consider a copy, have a look here

And Churches don’t have a sense of humour?!

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Fresh in from Auckland today: God bless your pet
I did a range of shots of our rare New Zealand native Falcon recently that I’m really proud of. M&C Saatchi and St Matthew’s Church teamed up and used one of my shots to impress upon Guinea Pig owners (and other pet lovers) the importance of pet blessing.
God bless your petNo Guinea Pigs were hurt in this design! The full technical story of this film shoot is recorded here. Other falcon photos can be seen here. But please check out this shot below – one of my favourites. A click will show it in full size glory.NZ Falcon photos

A few new covers for September 2009

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Had a few nice covers this month to get home to.Wilderness Magazine September 2009Tide times calendar 20102010 diaryThe Miro journal

First up another cover for Wilderness Magazine, following the winter 2009 cover we did. This one is of sea kayaks pulled up at Abel Tasman National Park. Check out the great shots I got here this year.

Then it’s calendar release season, and you should see about 15 calendars this year of my work – many exclusive. Here are two that just arrived on my desk (one for the Tide Tables, and one a desk diary.

And to finish off, here’s a cover for a kids Maori language journal from the Ministry of Education on the Miro Tree.

Sleepless in Seattle – Chase Jarvis Party

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Chase Jarvis Studio Party, Seattle. Sept 2009.
Chase Jarvis is a legend in commercial photography and social network marketing, and I just had the chance to meet him with a beer in hand.

It’s not surprising then that Chase throws a Seattle street party with three bands (some you’ll know), feeds and waters the hundreds of guests in his studio and street outside, all the while trying to keep the party secret from the thousands of fans that follow him.

I was travelling back from the Arctic to NZ, staying with friends, Angela Nelson and Andrew van Leeuwen, in the coffee city by chance when I was given an invite. Some said it was to be the party of the year and Chase didn’t disappoint.

It was a great balmy late summer evening with the city lights of Seattle glowing behind. Partly because of the Wellington developed
42 Below Vodka
that lined the racks, a lot due to the band “The Presidents of the United States of America” with their energetic display, and mostly to the open social style of Chase Jarvis, we all had a top night.

Chase and his wife Kate had just flown in from a film shoot in New Zealand, and it was great to talk about his love for our place. A carefully managed social networking strategy using twitter, facebook, youtube and blogging etc has seen him gain a worldwide following. Check out his work, both with the camera and his blog – very inspiring.

Chase Jarvis & comapny
Andrew van Leeuwen, Angela Nelson, Alex Hillinger, Chase Jarvis, Rob Suisted.
Chase Jarvis Studio and Street  packed with happy people
Chase Jarvis Studio and Street packed with happy people
The Presidents of the United States of America in full swing
The Presidents of the United States of America in full swing, with Seattle behind.

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